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WELCOME! My name is Kathleen Judkins-Gerard and I am the state adminstrator for Utah's Genealogy Project.

Lost Souls Genealogy is a group that was created for and dedicated to helping with your family history research for beginners and advanced researchers. Come on in and talk about the ups and downs of your own research. We hope to provide advice, tips, links, discussion, reviews, ideas and look-ups. We will be building databases and links as we learn and exchange information. Please join us in building our site by sending in and adding your own information. You may communicate completely by email. Though we do recommend that you periodically visit the site to see photos, data, links and files that are added.
Come on in grab a glass of tea or cup of coffee and browse our sites and talk with us for a while. Make some new friends and hopefully we can break down a wall or two as we go.

State Symbols

State Capital: Salt Lake City
State Motto: Industry
State Song: "Utah, We love Thee"
State Flower: Calochortus nuttallii
State Bird: California gull
State Tree: blue spruce 
State Gemstone: Topaz
Nickname: Beehive State 

The Beehive State became the 45th state when it was admitted to the Union on January 4, 1896 (Utah's Road to Statehood). The name Utah was derived from the Ute Indian Tribe and means people of the mountains. Salt Lake City is the capitol. The official Utah state symbols represent the history and cultural heritage of Utah.

  • Utah History
    Go here to learn about the Beehive State's great history!

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    We are very laid back, great group of people who's only goal is to provide free genealogy to researchers, and to help, assist and aid researchers in their journeys to acquire the information they need to find their long lost ancestors.

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